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Your ticket to the expo is a revocable license. Management may revoke this license without refund, or refuse admission, for non-compliance with these terms or for disorderly conduct. You assume any and all risks occurring before, during, or after the event, including injury by any cause. You release management, its authorized agents, facility, attendees, and their respective affiliates and a representative from any related claims.

  • As TORG Gaming Expo is intended to be a family event, please refrain from foul language and respectful interactions are expected at all times.

  • Parents must remain with any child under the age of 10 throughout the expo.

  • Please be respectful in the free play areas regarding excessive time when other attendees are also waiting to play.

  • Harassment of any kind is not permitted at the expo. Please inform event staff at the registration table or security if you feel you are being harassed.

  • Smoking and vaping are not allowed inside any part of the expo. Smokers are asked to be at least 25 feet from any entrance.

  • No alcoholic drinks are permitted in the main event space but are permitted in the After-Party Venue. All drinks must be capped and not opened in any of our display and free play areas.

  • TORG Gaming Expo reserves the right to remove attendees from the expo if they attempt theft, mistreat gaming equipment, exhibit poor hygiene, or exhibit any other type of disruptive behavior.

  • Be respectful to all cosplay attendees. Do not touch, hug, or take pictures of individuals in costumes without permission.


  • All attendees must wear shoes of some kind.

  • Clothing must not have any vulgar language or images.

  • Any type of nudity, or the illusion of it, is not tolerated.

  • Whether you are wearing street clothes or a costume, you must abide by the props and weapons policy found in the Cosplay Rules.

  • Backpacks and bags are allowed at the event.

  • These items may be searched by security or event staff at any time.

  • Backpacks and bags are allowed at the event


You authorize TORG Gaming Expo to photograph or record you and/or your minor child’s image, voice, likeness, and/or performance on film, tape, still images, or otherwise. By entering TORG Gaming Expo, you grant permission to TORG Gaming Expo to use, and authorize others, to use the photos or recordings, or any portions thereof, in all markets, manner and media including but not limited to printed reports, books, screenings, websites, and broadcasts.

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