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Terms & Conditions:

By accepting the Terms and Conditions you are acknowledging that you agree to the terms listed herein and agree to follow them. If your Panel submission is approved, the acceptance of the terms and conditions means that you understand that your time slot is a hard time frame that cannot be delayed or hastened. You understand that you are expected to arrive in the panel space 15 minutes prior to your start time or your time slot is subject to being replaced by another. You understand that panel etiquette in regards to using curse words, offensive, racist or homophobic remarks or inciting a riot, is in full effect and will not be tolerated and will immediately have you exited by the authorities. You understand that our event is family friendly and the content should be accessible to all ages. You understand and agree to adhere to your panel time frames.

I Understand that I still need to have admission to attend the event and host a community panel.

If at any point these points are not understood and followed, we reserve the right to remove the panel host and stop their broadcast.

Thanks and we look forward to your panel!

-TORG Staff

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