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If you've found this page, it's means you're interested in joining one of the fastest-growing and community driven video gaming events in the Midwest! After the success of 2023, we've come to the realization that our small staff of 6 people will not cut it anymore. We want the show to grow into something even more amazing which means our team needs to grow with it! This is your chance to get in on the ground level before our convention levels up majorly. So if you love TORG Gaming Expo and want to help us mold it into the most amazing gaming experience around. This is the opportunity to get yourself heard.

Listed below are the positions and teams we are looking to fill with creative and motivated individuals. We are preferably looking for people with experience in each respective field but will also consider anyone with the knack to quickly learn and develop within a field. TORG EVENTS LLC is an established LLC in the state of Ohio. Experience and position titles with us have the potential to translate into jobs in events.

Before applying please understand. TORG Gaming Expo Staff is entirely volunteer. We pay out bonuses after each event based on merit and contribution. Our goal is to grow into paid positions but we need a stellar team to help get us there. Each position will have set responsibilities but every individual will be a part of the conversation on the inner workings of the event and can pitch new and creative ideas on our communication channels. There are cons that outsource all of this, we do not want too. We want to build an amazing internal staff that will propel our event even higher, so we hope to hear from you!

-Mike Colletti II 

Co-Founder / AGM / Marketing Director

video games

Guest Relations / In charge of communication with guest and guest agencies if applicable. Contract review and scripting. Travel and Board arrangements.

Event Outreach / Email and site visits to potential sponsors/partners. Networking and Con swaps.

Customer Relations / Planning customer experience. General Q&A on socials and website. (Potential onsite attendee Info booth)

Public Safety / Security booking, placement and communication.

Health and Safety / In charge of ensuring ADA compliant and accessible. Security Liaison.

Vendor Relations / Vendor Liaison. Answering general Q&A in vendors channels (chat/email/website) (Onsite check-in and info)

Tax/Legal Docs / Venue and contract legal doc review. Notify if change in Sales or income tax %. Ensure taxes are being collected correctly.

Business Analyst / Identifies vulnerabilities and seeks potential solutions. Process development and improvement.

Operations Coordinator / Event timeline in terms of setup - tear down. Booking and managing paid labor. To work in conjunction with Volunteer Coordinator to oversee event start to finish.

Programming Manager / In charge of building con programming and timeline. Building Function schedule and keeping con on time.

Experience Team / Utilized to brainstorm, create and refine new or old convention experiences. This includes troubleshooting and seeing an experience to completion.

Auxiliary Lead / Oversees each Auxiliary function. Works closely with Experience Team. Will be required to assemble item and wish list needs for each experience and will give timelines to Program Mgr.

Sales Lead / In charge of tracking sales goals and projections. Implementing market trends in postings and Ads to hit sales goals.

Socials Director / In charge of posting, maintaining and monitoring all social platforms. Following trends and keeping up to date with algorithms.

Graphics Team / Team of individuals to create graphics to further promote the event and it's functions. Creating Ad creatives, post announcements and so on.


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