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Elk Cosplay

Elk Cosplay is a Master Cosplayer with a passion for bringing the wildest ideas to life! As a multi-award winning cosplayer and performer, they ambitiously tackle even the most challenging cosplays with brilliant execution. As a professional creator, Elk Cosplay aims to promote positivity and encourages people to embrace their silly side and have fun in the cosplay community! They aspire to guide cosplayers toward resources for success and inspire them to unleash their full potential! Elk Cosplay is looking forward to seeing everyone this year at TORG!

Dr. Andy

With a PHD in “Tom studies” and specializing in “foolery education”, Dr. Andy is a multi-award winning cosplayer whose specialty is comedic skits and cosplay improv. Along with being a “doctor”, Andy has also taken up the title of “IRL Part 4 Joseph” across social media, and has even taken him to multiple contests to which he has won 2 of in as Grandpa Joseph. He enjoys romantic walks in the con halls, knows how to cook ramen in a hotel room, and is great with (prop) kids.

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My name is kanracos. I’m a 27 year old cosplayer that has been cosplaying for 9 years and competing in competitions for 2 years. I absolutely love creating cosplays and challenging myself to better my cosplay making skills with each project. I also enjoy closet cosplay and working with makeup. I hope to inspire and motivate others to seek out a love for cosplay. Can’t wait to see everyone at TORG this year!

Megan (and Chase)

Megan is an upcoming cosplayer with a talent for craftsmanship and design. They love seeing people learn new skills and doing first-time cosplays. Megan and their service dog, Chase, often cosplay unique character designs not common in the cosplay scene, bringing attention to overlooked characters and details. Megan is also known for encouraging disability-friendly cosplays, and can’t wait to see you at TORG!

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