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Vendor Guidelines


  • Cost is $110 per 8’ table. This cost includes; table, chair, badge and lanyard.

  • Prime tables (green) cost are $130 and includes; table, chair, badge and lanyard.

  • Prime end cap (yellow) areas, that consist of 4 tables, will be available at a premium of $550. This package includes: 4 tables, 2 chairs, badges and lanyards and is a 16 x 10 space!

  • Free Admission will be granted to table helpers

  • 1-2 Tables = 1 Helper Admitted

  • 3-4 Tables = 2 Helpers Admitted

  • 5 or More Tables will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out via email to

  • Table Portal will be available beginning Friday 11/18/2022. Only the Prime end caps are guaranteed the exact spot. TORG Events LLC. reserves the right to make slight adjustments to the layout if necessary. We will do our absolute best that if we do need to move your table, it will be in the same area or parallel.

  • Requests for power access or any other accommodations should be made prior to the event. Special requests will not be granted once setup begins.

  • Table coverings are not provided, it is highly recommended to bring your own.


  • Early setup will be available Friday morning 11/10/2023 at Noon.

  • Additional setup time will be Saturday morning from 7:00AM to 8:30AM.

  • Vendors must check-in prior to unloading.

  • If you have not checked in or directly spoken to a TORG Events staff member by 8:45AM on Saturday, your table will be forfeited and given to another vendor.

  • Any Vendors with a No Call/No Show will not be permitted to future TORG Events.

  • Setup will only be allowed at the venue during the designated times.

  • Unload in designated areas only. Please pull up and unload then immediately move your vehicle for the next vendor to have access. Do not make several trips back and forth to your tables and leave your vehicle blocking the loading area.

  • If bringing additional shelving to set up behind your table, please be considerate of your Vendor neighbors and do not spill over into their space. There should always be a clear walkway for Vendors to be able to move freely and exit the center area.

  • All Vendors should be set up and ready for business by 9:00AM for VIP Early Entry.

  • Do not move or rearrange the tables, if there is an issue, notify TORG staff.

  • Please refrain from early buying.


  • Each Vendor and their helpers must wear Lanyard/Wristband at all times so staff can easily recognize them.

  • Vendors are responsible for their own financial transactions. If you take electronic payments, be advised that internet connections in large structures may be weak and cause connection errors. Wifi is available to purchase from the venue contractors.

  • Please be reminded to bring an adequate amount of small bills for change. We may not be able to provide change for Vendors during the event. There may be onsite ATMs but at past events, they have been known to be emptied fairly early in the day.

  • Tables should remain open during the entire event. If you do not have a helper and need assistance for a quick break, please flag down a TORG Staff member to assist.

  • Convention Hours are as follows:

  • 11/11 Saturday 9am VIP / 10am General Admission // End time 5pm. AfterParty 5pm-1030pm

  • 11/12 Sunday 9am VIP / 10am General Admission // End time 4pm.

  • Under no circumstances will TORG Events LLC, The Ohio Expo Center or any of their employees or representatives be responsible for the loss or damage of merchandise, equipment, or revenue and by vending our event you agree to hold TORG Events LLC, its volunteers and The Ohio Expo Center harmless.

  • Vendors are expected to be courteous to all TORG Staff, Volunteers and Attendees.

  • No smoking or vaping inside the event building.

  • No fakes or repros permitted UNLESS it is clearly stated it is such as to not attempt dishonest transaction.

  • This is an all ages and family event so please watch your behavior and keep any NSFW material out of easy access.


  • Vendors must remain setup until within two hours of the event closing.

  • All items must be removed from your area, including any trash.

  • Tables should be completely cleared and left as they were when you arrived.

  • Get ready for Next Year!

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  • Free Admission will be granted to table helpers

  • 1-2 Tables = 1 Helper Admitted

  • 3-4 Tables = 2 Helpers Admitted

  • 5 or More Tables will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out via email to

Thanks for registering. See you there!


Help us help you by uploading your brand's logo for our vendor page! We are *for free* listing vendor info on our layout page. Upload your logo to stand out on the list!

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