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punch-out challenge!

Do you think you have what it takes to knock down Mike Tyson? What if you were being coached by 8-Bit Steve of Easy Way guides on exactly how to do it? In celebration of 8-Bit Steve's new Punch-out!! guide, he will be holding a contest at his booth to see who can knock down Mike Tyson a single time. 8-Bit Steve will show you how it's done and also coach you through the process. Come to the Easy Way Guides booth during the convention for your chance to win raffle tickets and other prizes!


how it works!

Guests will sign up on a sheet and be given 3 attempts to knock down Tyson a single time. I will verbally coach them and demonstrate the tactics myself to help them succeed. If they knock him down they will be awarded prizes that I bring, raffle tickets, or anything else you want to throw in. 


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