TGE VIP Package

TGE VIP Package


This AMAZING VIP Package includes

  • One Admission ticket
  • TGE 2020 Exclusive drawstring back-pack
  • TGE 2020 Exclusive Badge and Lanyard
  • Ticket into a special drawing
  • Chance to be featured on the Canned Air Podcast episode
  • 10 Additional Raflle tix for door prizes
  • CON Exclusive Coupons!
  • More to come!

    Thank you so much for choosing to support and attend TORG Gaming Expo 2020.
    All items purchased in this shop will be obtained day of the event. If you 
    Pre-Registered your Ticket or purchased a VIP Package, there will be a 
    separate line for you at the Registration table. This will allow you to
    skip the PATD line but get into the Con quicker! 

    If you pre-registered, your name will be on a list and you will receive
    your (3) Free Door-Prize tickets.

    If you Purchased a VIP Package, in that same line you will receive the TGE
    2020 Drawstring Backpack with all of the items listed on the sale page within it.

    If you purchased these items for someone else, please shoot an email to with your name and the name of the attendee(s)