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Registration is REQUIRED for all categories.

ONE entry per contest.

Groups are limited to a maximum of SIX people. If a group has more than SIX members, they may petition the Coordinator to allow the group to compete.

Participants may NOT compete with a costume that has previously won any Major Award at any convention.

Participants competing in the Character Cosplay category will compete in 1 of 4 skill divisions. See the Contest Policies & Processes for a breakdown of the skill divisions.

At least 60% of an entry’s costume (50% if competing in the Junior Division) must be handcrafted by the participant. Modification to purchased or commissioned costumes is not viewed as original work and does not qualify for the Craftsmanship contest.

No commissioned, purchased, or rented costumes. Costumes from costume shops, designer direct, auctions, CosPay, or any other store-bought costumes are prohibited and will negate individual/group eligibility (even if only one participant in a group has a disqualified costume) to compete in the Craftsmanship contest.

The costume’s creator(s) may have a model wearing the costume for the contest. In these cases, the creator(s) must be present for the pre-judging appointment, must be the owner of the costume and would be credited for any awards, not the model.

Participants registering to compete in the Craftsmanship Contest will be required to submit a cosplay portfolio. A standard cosplay portfolio should at a very minimum include your name, your registration ID number, the character’s name, the character’s series, and reference photos of the character front & back (Original Design would require concept drawings that the cosplay was based on for judges to reference).

Please email if you have any questions or issues.

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